Our goal is to produce the best breads, bagels, croissants, buns, seasonal products and food as possible. We have seating for 25 and welcome children of all ages. A high chair and a selection of toys are available.

Enjoy a great coffee made by our experienced baristas using Clifton Coffee blends.

Breakfast and brunch is available between 10am and 2pm.

Our lunchtime menu is available between 12pm and 4pm.

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An Overview on the Pastry and Bakery Department of a Hotel’s Restaurant

Did you know that the bakery and pastry section of any hotel is one of the busiest? This section has the task of making the bread and bread products, cakes, pastries, and cookies that will be used for all orders for meals in the hotel. This department is popularly called the patisserie and they have to fulfill a wide range of orders, whether it is an a la carte dessert to be delivered to a room or a multi-tiered cake for a wedding party.

Every hotel offers its guests both hot and cold desserts; the variety of desserts that the hotel’s patisserie has to create can be huge. The hot desserts are typically the puddings, pastry-based fruits like fruit pies and cereal-based puddings. You will find a greater number of choices under the hot desserts section during winters because this is greater demand amongst guests. For example, apple crumble pie is one of the bestsellers in the UK in the fall since apples are abundantly available at that time.

The pastry department is responsible for coming out with delectable pastry dishes that feature on their menus every day. The dish type depends on the kind of pastry it has been made from; so the look and taste of a dish that is made from short pastry is quite different from one that is made out of choux pastry. The short pastry is used for making tarts, pies, and flans with different types of fillings inside these. For example, the traditional English dessert Bakewell tart is made out of short pastry with frangipan filling inside.  The Italian dessert, Crostata di Frutta, uses short pastry and has fruits and custard. The puff pastry is used for making desserts like cream puffs, cream horns, and vol-au-vents, pies, and Eccles cakes. These can also be made in miniature forms to be served as part of Petit-Fours. The choux pastry variety is a bestselling item that is used for making éclairs, profiteroles, fritters, and cream buns. The Gateau Vesuvius, for example, is one of the best known products of choux pastry. This cake has multiple layers of profiteroles that are attached to one another with a creamy mixture and made into the shape of a volcano. At the top of this volcanic shape, alcohol is placed and set alight. When this dessert if carried by the server to the guest’s table, it appears as if a volcano has erupted, catching the attention of everyone around it.

Cold desserts are usually the ones that have ice, like ice creams, mousses, and sorbets, or sponge-based dishes like sponge pudding and gateaux. These desserts can differ depending on where they were originally made and which part of the globe the restaurant that made it first was located. For instance, the Gateau Basque is a traditional French offering while the Eves pudding is originally from Britain made with apples and Victoria sponge. In the recent times, ice-based desserts made with cream, fruits, and ice creams called Mess has turned out to be a hit with guests. You will find most of these are served with sauces, creams, or custards. So, the pastry chef must be skilled not only in making sauces but also in using piping bags for adding these creams and sauces to the dessert flawlessly and quickly.